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Case 11-02: The Mendocino Hotel






  Evidence Captured,

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Date: Friday February 4th, 2011

Location: Mendocino, Northern California

Type: Hotel

Conclusion: Mildly Active


From www.mendocinohotel.com:

    The Mendocino Hotel is the only remaining Hotel from a time when Mendocino was a booming port for the logging trade. The original structure of the Hotel, dating to 1878, remains today and encompasses the lobby, the lobby bar, the dining room, the kitchen and upstairs rooms.  The Hotel itself speaks much about the town and its history. It originally opened as The Temperance House in a time when the town was burgeoning with 20,000 people (as compared to 1,000 today). It was considered, according to current Hotel management, as “the one bastion of good Christian morals in a town of loggers.”  The historic village of Mendocino, located on Highway One about 150 miles north of San Francisco, resembles coastal villages in Maine and gets the full blow of Alaska storms with summer fog filling fields and gullies much as in Scotland, giving it a dreamy if haunting and ghostly appearance. Ghosts, you say? Rumor has it, much as in the inns and castles of England, that the Hotel has its own ghost, a Victorian lady who haunts tables number six and eight in the dining room. She has been seen in one of the lobby mirrors and front desk personnel report that sometimes in the middle of the night their name is spoken behind them but no one is there….

The Interview

   We verified with the Hotel staff that guest had reported strange happenings in at least three of the rooms at the hotel.  Reported phenomenon included voices and footsteps being heard when no one is around,apparitions of a lady in the dining room area as well as the guest rooms, and the apparition of a small boy.  A story of a lady of the night being brutally murdered in one of the rooms was also told.  It was also told to us by hotel staff that guests often left in the middle of the night due to the strange occurrences.  

The Investigation

    We finished setting up our equipment and went lights out around 10:30pm, right after the downstairs restaurant and bar closed for the night.  Since most of the upstairs activity was reported in room 7, 8 and 16 we split up and began investigating those rooms. Little to no activity was experienced so part of the team decided to investigate the kitchen and downstairs areas.  Throughout the rest of the night again little to no activity was experienced.  We then winded down the investigation and let the video and audio record throughout the night.  After reviewing the evidence again we were surprised about what we captured. 


   After reviewing the evidence and our personal experiences we concluded that there is some kind of paranormal activity happening at the hotel. Based on the current photographic and audio evidence we captured thus far we believe that indeed there is some form of paranormal activity at the hotel.  Feel free to view The Evidence for yourself and leave a comment below.

Case 11-02: The Mendocino Hotel Shortly after entering a room claimed by the hotel staff to host a large amount of strange activity our voice recorder captures what seems to sound like a woman screaming.

Case 11-02: The Mendocino Hotel Our recorder left in an empty room claimed to be highly active by hotel staff captures a spirit stating it will find someone.

Case 11-02: The Mendocino Hotel A voice recorder captures a voice either complementing the team or mocking them.

Case 11-02: The Mendocino Hotel Shortly after entering a room claimed by the hotel staff to host a large amount of strange activity our voice recorder captures what seems to sound like a woman screaming.