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Case 12-01: The Circle City

Date: Friday, July 20th 2012

Location: Corona, Southern California

Type: Residence

Conclusion: Active


    In July of 2012 Full Tech was contacted by family that resides on The Circle City: Corona, CA.  The family has been experiencing paranormal activity for the last seven years.  It started with a late night out by the son.  He came home late one night after a movie and left his key inside.  He knocked on the door repeatedly and someone inside the house would imitate the knock back.  The next morning a neighbor asked why the family was imitating the knocks instead of letting the son in.  They never heard the son knock that night and they all claimed they didn't get up to knock on the door.  

    Shortly after the knocking incident the son had trouble sleeping in his room at night.  He would claim to hear scratching and heavy breathing around him at all hours of the night.  Shortly after the son moved out the daughter took over the room.  She did not experience anything out of the ordinary but the father began to witness events around the room.  On multiple occasions the father would walk through the hallway late at night and pass by what he thought was his daughter.  Shortly after he would realize his daughter was asleep in the living room and whatever he passed by was in fact not his daughter at all. 

    Other incidents over the years included heavy furniture moving at night without explanation and a light fixture flying clean off a wall and almost hitting the mother in the head. 

The Investigation

    The team arrived and set up equipment in the hotspots of the house: the bathroom where the light fixture incident occurred , the daughter's bedroom, the hallway and around the furniture that re-arranges itself.  Through the night the team didn't experience anything that stood out as paranormal.  The only personal experience was a heavy breathing noise that was heard in the daughter's bedroom.

The Conclusion  

   After reviewing the evidence it can be concluded that there is indeed paranormal activity that occurs at the residence.  Although we didn't experience any personal experiences firsthand we did capture evidence supporting paranormal activity.  A followup investigation is recommended.


Case 12-01: The Circle City www.fulltechparanormal.com An entity communicates communicates to investigators through a flashlight.

Case 12-01: The Circle City www.fulltechparanormal.com An entity continues to communicate through a flashlight.

Case 12-01: The Circle City www.fulltechparanormal.com A spirit responds to a thank you.

Case 12-01: The Circle City www.fulltechparanormal.com An entity gives a chilling answer to a question asked by an investigator.

Case 12-01: The Circle City www.fulltechparanormal.com An entity responds to an investigator.

www.fulltechparanormal.com Case 12.01: The Circle City An entity answers an investigator's question.