Full Tech Paranormal Investigations

Since the early 90's Full Tech Paranormal has dedicated itself to investigating all claims of paranormal activity.  The team utilizes the latest technology to document potential activity as well as bring you peace of mind.  Our services extend beyond investigating and documenting potential paranormal activity.  We SPECIALIZE IN CLEANSING the premises, or person upon request. Our staff can also provide referrals to licensed counselors. Full Tech has over five decades of combined experience. Full Tech Paranormal can guarantee a professional and thorough experience.  Anonymity provided upon request. 

Case 13-02: The Cucamonga Cleanse

Date: Friday, May 17th 2013

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Type: Residence

Conclusion: Possibly Active 


   In early May Full Tech Paranormal was contacted by a family from Rancho Cucamonga.  The family recently moved and started to experience activity in their new home that was very similar to their last home.  After repeated experiences the family decided to call in an investigation.

   During the pre-investigation interview the family shared that the three daughters and the mother had all experienced some sort of activity including seeing a man with a black hat, hearing louder conversations when no-one is home and experiencing sudden feelings of dread.

The Investigation

   On Friday Mach 22nd the team arrived at the location to begin the investigation.  The team set up the equipment, prepped home base and began the investigation around 10:00pm.

   The team took turns investigating the location throughout the night.  The wasn't a heavy or "charged" feeling in the home like their was during the interview.  Although small noises were heard during the investigation there was no intelligent responses that night. 

   After reviewing the evidence we decided that although we didn't document any activity during the investigation we could not completely rule out possible paranormal activity revolving around the family.  We recommended a house cleansing to help put the family at ease.

   On Friday March 17th the team returned along with Michelle to conduct the house cleansing.  We used our usual method of house cleansing that has had great success in the past.  During the cleansing Michelle felt a heavy, angry presence upstairs.  She felt the presence(s) were very negative and did not want to leave.  An EVP was captured during the investigation.

   Upon completing the house cleansing the team sat down with the family to help discuss ways to make sure that the presence does not return.


   After coming up empty with documented evidence during the investigation and not having any personal experiences we were ready to conclude that either: A. the home did not contain any activity or B. the activity centered around the family thus not providing any evidence during the investigation.  However, after our experiences during the house cleansing and more importantly after catching an intelligent EVP we have to conclude that whatever activity was going on was centered around the family and following them from location to location.

   We have since checked back with the family to follow up the house cleansing.  They shared that activity has dwindled and the overall feeling of the house is much lighter.