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Case 10-01: Hobart Circle

Evidence Captured, Scroll Down to View

Date: Friday November 26th, 2010

Location: Moreno Valley, Southern California

Type: Residence

Conclusion: Moderately Active


    The residence is located in the suburbs of the Moreno Valley area of Southern California and was built in the late 2000’s.  The homeowners who wish to remain anonymous moved in to the house in July of 2010 and consist of a mother, father and teenage son.  No crimes, deaths or violent crimes were reported at the residence but a possibly violent exchange was revealed.  The neighbors reported that a previous male owner had caught two boys in his daughter’s bedroom and went crazy leaving blood strewn all over the master bedroom.

The Interview

    During the interview it was revealed that the majority of the activity was being experienced by the father.  He explained that shortly after moving he started feeling very uneasy as if there was a presence following him around the house.  It was thereafter that the activity started.  Reports of activity included voices and shadows in the master bedroom, extreme fluctuations of temperature, and feelings of rage and dread.

The Investigation

    The investigation began approximately 10:00pm and concluded approximately 3:50am.  The first phenomenon to be experienced was a faint women’s voice that was heard in the master bedroom.  Shortly after various steps and knocks could be heard in the home.  No other activity was experienced until an investigator witnessed a shadow figure moving toward the closet and at the same time a breath was heard and hangers shifted in the closet where the shadow moved toward.  The overall mood of the investigation was calm and little activity was reported.  However, the evidence captured proved that other forces were at work during the investigation.  CLICK HERE to view the evidence.


    After reviewing the evidence we can conclude that there in fact is moderate paranormal activity going on in the residence and that it may possibly be intelligent.  The activity also seems to be centered around the father.  Feel free to make your own conclusion based on the evidence captured and leave your comments below.