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Case 11-04: Return to Hobart

Date: Friday May 13th, 2011

Location: Moreno Valley, Southern California

Type: Residence

Conclusion: Highly Active


    Full Tech Paranormal conducted a prior investigation at the residence on November 26th 2010 and found it to be moderately active.  To review the first Hobart investigation case CLICK HERE.  After our prior investigation activity subsided until recently.  The occupants of the home contacted Full Tech Paranormal a second time after experiencing a increase in paranormal activity.

The Interview

    On May 4th, 2011 the occupants called Full Tech Paranormal to report further activity in the home.  During the phone interview it was explained that the sound of dishes crashing was coming from the living room area.  When the occupant went to the living room area to investigate the noise there was nothing there.  This was experienced by two different people in the house on two separate occasions.  Shadow figures were also seen walking through the hallway to the master bedroom.  Upon receiving this information from the occupant Full Tech Paranormal Investigations set a date to return to Hobart Cir.  

The Investigation

    We arrived at the residence at about 11:00pm on Friday the 13th of May, 2011.  Right away we were greeted with knocking noises and the sound of glasses clinking. During the investigation which consisted of three investigators all three were attacked at some point in the night.  Knocking noises and what sounded like someone running in the attic above the hallway prompted Jon to get a ladder and go into the attic.  While in the attic the knocking noises continued.  Disembodied voices were later found on the audio recorder.  As Jon was in the attic a presence went through him, causing him to have a vertigo sensation.  At that point it became too dangerous to remain in the attic.  The investigation continued in the master bedroom.   While in the master bedroom conducting an EVP session investigators Jon and Jonas heard what sounded like a female scream.  Investigator Jayne was at base command in the garage watching the monitors of the DVR system.  Feeling that the scream may have come from Jayne, Jonas went to the garage to check on her.  After learning that Jayne had not made any screaming noises she reported hearing a crashing noise by the door leading from the house to the garage.  She initially thought that the noise had come from one of the investigators in the house.  It was about that same time Jayne felt a burning sensation on her back.  After learning all of this Jonas went back in the house to get Jon in order to film what had occurred.  The lights were turned on to reveal that Jayne had what appeared to be two scratch marks her neck down to her mid-back.  This disturbing event prompted Jonas and Jon to return inside the house and aggressively pursue the entity who had now attacked two investigators.  During that aggressive approach Jonas was grabbed by the ankle by an unseen force, leaving a mark that resembled fingerprints.  With all of the occurrences throughout the night, it led us to draw the following conclusion.     


    After reviewing the evidence along with the personal experiences we can conclude that there is still paranormal activity in the house and has in fact increased since the last investigation.  Final conclusion is that the residence occupied by an intelligent and aggressive entity.  You can review the evidence for yourself by CLICKING HERE.  Feel free to share your thoughts on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER.  WARNING: Some content may be unsuitable and disturbing to younger viewers.


During the investigation 11-04: Return to Hobart an entity calls out "Jon" in the attic of the home.

An entity scratches investigator Jayne as she was monitoring the DVR alone at base command.

Entity passes through Jon K causing dizziness and vertigo.

Case 11-04: Return to Hobart An investigator gets called out by an angry spirit.

Case 11-04: Return to Hobart Something comments on the family cat.