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Since the early 90's Full Tech Paranormal has dedicated itself to investigating all claims of paranormal activity.  The team utilizes the latest technology to document potential activity as well as bring you peace of mind.  Our services extend beyond investigating and documenting potential paranormal activity.  We SPECIALIZE IN CLEANSING the premises, or person upon request. Our staff can also provide referrals to licensed counselors. Full Tech has over five decades of combined experience. Full Tech Paranormal can guarantee a professional and thorough experience.  Anonymity provided upon request. 

Case 11-05: Hobart the Cleansing

Date: Thursday June 16th, 2011

Location: Moreno Valley, Southern California

Type: Residence

Conclusion: Highly Active


    Full Tech Paranormal conducted two previous investigations at the residence. The first was on November 26th 2010. The second was on Friday May 13 th. The first investigation we found it to be moderately active.  To review the first Hobart investigation caseCLICK HERE. The second investigation we found to be highly active. To review the second Hobart Investigation CLICK HERE. After our second eventful investigation activity continued until the residents could not take it anymore. The occupants of the home contacted Full Tech Paranormal a third and what would hope to be a final time. We knew going in that it would be a showdown between our Full Tech Team and the entity.


    On May 27th, 2011 the occupants and Full Tech Paranormal spoke a third time. They once again reported further activity in the home.  We listened to their terrifying story of how the lady of the house had an unknown force occupy her body as she laid in bed. She explained told me, “It felt like something jumped into my body”. She also told me that she had seen a dark figure with a large brimmed hat standing next to her bed. The resident said to me…”We just want it gone”. It was at that point that I reassured her The Full Tech Paranormal Investigations Team would return to Hobart Circle and prepare to do battle with the entity that had invaded their home. We would do a house cleansing.


    We arrived at Hobart Circle on Friday June 10th, 2011 at approximately 10pm. Joining us on this case was our team Medium Michelle. We had armed ourselves with the tools needed to conduct a full house cleansing. Prior to stepping into the house, Michelle declared, “It knows we are here”. As we walked into the home we could feel heaviness in the air. Right away the knocking started. We were familiar with the knocking noises as this is how the entity communicated with us during the prior investigations at the home. 

We set up all of the usual equipment, infrared cameras, DVR, digital recorders. This time we would call out the entity straight from the get go. This time it was different. It seemed as though it knew what we had in store for it, it was as if it were hiding. We did get knocking responses to questions but not as frequently as before. As the night progressed and just prior to preparing for the cleansing, Technical Manager Jonas felt a burning sensation on his hand. As in the previous case where Investigator Jayne was attacked, a red streak materialized on Jonas’ hand. Was this a last attempt by the entity to strike out at one of us? 

As we conducted the house cleansing pushing out the entity we could hear with our own ears screams coming from different spots throughout the house. A final push out the front door brought a feeling of peace to the home. The method we used to do the house cleansing was chosen based on the force we were dealing with and what has worked in the past. It does not reflect on any one person’s religious beliefs. We will do house cleanings of the homeowners beliefs and what they request. If they do not have a specific religious belief we will do a pagan ritual. All of this was captured on video and audio to show to our fans and as a learning tool. The end of the night brought us to the following conclusion…


    It has been almost a week since we concluded the case. In speaking to the residents of the house, they said the air is lighter and they finally have a feeling of happiness. We reviewed the evidence and the cleansing video. We deem that the home was highly active with paranormal activity. At his point we feel the home is clean.   


During an EVP session in the master bedroom Jon witnesses a light anomaly flash across the floor toward the bed.

Case 11-05: Hobart the Cleansing The team gets an unexpected response to a team member talking about a family pet.

Case 11-05: Hobart the Cleansing The team gets a response when trying to speak with a spirit from beyond.