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Since the early 90's Full Tech Paranormal has dedicated itself to investigating all claims of paranormal activity.  The team utilizes the latest technology to document potential activity as well as bring you peace of mind.  Our services extend beyond investigating and documenting potential paranormal activity.  We SPECIALIZE IN CLEANSING the premises, or person upon request. Our staff can also provide referrals to licensed counselors. Full Tech has over five decades of combined experience. Full Tech Paranormal can guarantee a professional and thorough experience.  Anonymity provided upon request. 

Case 11-06: Temecula

Date: Friday July 22nd, 2011

Location: Temecula, Southern California

Type: Residence

Conclusion: Mildly Active


   In June of 2011, Full Tech Paranormal Investigations met with a prominent citizen of Temecula California.  The homeowner explained that she had had a GHOSTLY encounter with a female apparition in the kitchen area of the home. The owner went on to say that ghostly image of a female floated from the kitchen area into the living room area then disappeared. In another encounter the homeowner witnessed a floating head in the kitchen area.  As time went on two more experiences occurred in the house the most recent being in June of 2011. The owner was sitting on the edge of her bed fully awake. An entity grabbed the owner around the upper arm. The most recent event the name “Myrna” was whispered in the homeowner’s ear. 

    Although the homeowner has grown used to paranormal occurrences in the house, she wanted Full Tech Paranormal Investigations to give her confirmation. We packed up all of our equipment and the team traveled to Temecula and conducted the following investigation.  


 We arrived in Rancho California Road neighborhood in Temecula on Friday July 15th, 2011 at approximately 11pm. Joining us on the case were team members, Jon, Jonas, and Jenn.  There was no heaviness in the air on this case. We set up our infrared cameras and DVR system.  We started the investigation in the master bedroom with an E.V.P, (Electronic voice phenomenon), session. Picking up some evidence on the audio recorder, (CLICK HER FOR EVIDENCE).  We moved into the living room area where the Ghostly image of the woman had last been seen. We also ran E.M.F. and K2 sweeps in that room. We traveled from the kitchen to the living room several times to film and conduct audio experiments. Although we did here some faint unexplained sounds there was nothing shocking that occurred. Investigator Jenn, called us to our base station where she reported hearing a conversation going on in one of the back bedrooms. We told Jenn that we were no where near the back bedroom. We refocused our attention to that back bedroom and conducted and E.V.P, session in the room, (CLICK HERE FOR EVIDENCE).  As the night progressed into morning we did not have any shocking personal experiences that were deemed to be solid evidence but as we went from Investigation to review, the video and audio equipment revealed some astonishing evidence. As is the norm for a paranormal case there were things happening around us that we were not aware of until the review of the recorders. We heard moaning, disembodied voices, and light anomalies that were not visible or audible to our earthly senses. The evidence of the audio and images were not of a full-bodied apparition but of something that was perhaps trying to materialize.  This was not our most chilling our evidentiary case but it is still enough to show to you, our fans.  (CLICK HERE FOR EVIDENCE). 


 After the review of the evidence and revealing some reasonable explanations along with that evidence we do not dispute the owners claims of apparitions and physical experiences but we found that there was MILD paranormal occurrences in the home during our investigations.


Full Tech Paranormal Case 11-06: Temecula The team gets a response.