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14-04: The Phantom of Rosemead High

Date: Friday, July 19th

Location: Rosemead, CA

Type: Public School 

Conclusion: Active





    In June of this year, Full Tech Paranormal was contacted to come and investigate a Los Angeles area high school auditorium that was under renovation.  Workers had reported feeling a presence and seeing shadow figures while performing work at the stage and on the cat walk of this auditorium.  One worker while working on the cat walk over the main seating area reported the presence manipulating his hammer that he had hanging from his tool belt.



   A FTP investigator went to visit the site to perform prelim investigation.  He met the Construction Manager, the HS Plant Manager, and the foreman for the electrical contractor that had had the most personal experiences while working there.  Each one of them had personal accounts of activity to share.  FTP investigator used K2 and EMF meters to take baseline readings at the time of the interviews.  K2 meter was getting a reading almost the entire time while on site at locations identified as having activity.  More readings occur at the stage then any other location tested.  FTP investigator felt presence and noted a shadow figure move stage right into an area with no exit. At this time the Plant Manager related the story of Jay to the FTP investigator.  Jay was a former student at the HS.  Jay was seeking a second job to help support his mother and family.  Jay had set up a meeting with the stage manager at the auditorium to see about working there part time. That was the last time anyone saw Jay.  His truck was found in a parking lot near the HS, but Jay was nowhere to be found.  This is a missing person case that some folks believe was a homicide.  Many believe the homicide occurred in the auditorium and the presence often felt there is Jay.

    Investigation was set for July 19, and FTP invited the Plant Manger and the foreman for the electrical contractor to attend. The Team arrived and began set up with static cameras in the catwalk, on the stage and aimed at the area the shadow figures had been spotted.  Our usual hand held video and voice recorders were also used, along with EMF and K2 meters.


    During set up the air was thick in the catwalk area and on the stage.  As Jeff was coming down the ladder, the feeling that he was being forced down was voiced to the team, and Michelle confirmed that the presence was indeed upset and pushing on Jeff.  There were successful instances during the investigation of call and response throughout the night.  FTP also conducted some audio sessions and was successful at capturing voice phenomena.  Each person from the team as well as our invited guests had personal experiences.


    As we went to enter a room outside the auditorium that the Plant Manager told us had activity as well, Michelle became emotional and would not enter.  The Plant Manager said that often at night when he was locking the place up, he would pass this room and hear crying.  One investigators flashlight worked erratically the entire time the team was in the area of this room, but worked fine everywhere else.



  We have included the evidence that was recorded, and would love to hear comments and opinions.  Our true hope was that we could help shed light on the missing persons and give closure to the victim and their family.