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Case 14-02: The History of Wine Valley


Evidence Captured

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Date: Sunday, April 13th 2014

Location: Temecula, CA

Type: Residence 

Conclusion: Active



   In April of 2014, Full Tech Paranormal Investigations went back to Temecula California. The team had previously conducted an investigation at the location a couple years earlier.  The case was made popular by two newspaper articles that were written concerning the activity on the land. The land was thought to be the alleged site of a past Native American village.  The evidence to indicate such was the indentations in many of the large rocks, indicating grinding of corn or other grains.


The owners of the property witnessed a Native American woman dressed in pelts walking through the property and disappearing into a large oak tree.  This experience led to the viewing of strange lights at the location.  The owners had also seen strange mists to the rear of the location.



We not only experienced being touched but were witness to something that was perhaps trying to materialize, which was captured on camera. The EVP evidence also gave proof to possibly  Native American Spirits on the land but the ghosts of prospectors still mining the area.  

The end of the night brought us to the following conclusion…



    After the review of the evidence and revealing some reasonable explanations along with that evidence we do not dispute the owners claims of apparitions and physical experiences but we found that there was highly active paranormal occurrences on the land during our investigations.