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Location: Morongo Valley, CA

Type: Business

Conclusion: Active




       Willie Boy's Saloon and Dance Hall is located in Morongo Valley along Highway 62 in San Bernardino County.   The Full Tech Paranormal team was alerted to the location by a family member of one of the team’s investigators through a photo taken during a recent Christmas party in December 2014.  The photo revealed an ominous looking black mass sitting between two of the party members.

   An interview with the owners and staff revealed that there was in fact some unexplained activity occurring at the location, including touching of customers, full body apparitions and unexplained shaking of tables and objects.  The property location has a long and interesting history that was documented by the current owner dating back to 1925 when the original structure was built, known as the Morongo Lodge.

   Mr. Stead, who was the first postmaster for Morongo Valley, owned the property in 1929. In 1935, a miner named Frank Sabathe purchased the Morongo Lodge in addition to 160 acres for the water.  Sometime around 1938, Weldon "Ducky" Irwin was cited as owner and was later murdered by suspected mobsters on December 30, 1938 in Hollywood California.  In 1942, Jean Fidley and Raymond A. Harvard leased the building from the bank and remodeled it, naming it the "Rancho Sol Arena Sun and Sand".   During 1960, a famous boxer named Richie Fontaine was rumored to have taught boxing in what is now the main dining room, which was called the "Ritchie Fontaine Desert Room". Fontaine later died of a heart attack in 2005.

   Sam Levin, who was the owner of the Biltmore in Palm Springs, California, opened the "Purple Lantern" at the location in 1965, which is now known as Willy Boy's Saloon and Dance Hall.  The entire remolded interior of Willy Boys was brought to the restaurant from other historical locations. The jail cells are authentic and were once apart of the deadwood jail in the 1800s. The ornate framed woodcarving that frames the main bar was made in Chicago and was originally in a bar in Colorado, before coming to Willie Boys.  The piece is from the late 1800s.



   On 01/17/15 Full Tech Paranormal Investigations traveled to the Morongo Valley to conduct an investigation at Willie Boys Barbeque and Saloon off of Highway 62 in Morongo, just north west of Palm Springs, California. Upon arrival the team met with one of the owners, Nick and bartender Jamie. We started with base EMF readings at about 02:30 am.  There were no out of the ordinary EMF spikes at the time.  Based on the paranormal history of the restaurant we set up our static night vision cameras near the ladies restroom, main bar, kitchen, and dance floor area.  We went lights out and started the investigation in the billiards area.  This would later prove to be a hotspot due to multiple EVPs or, (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Scurrying could be heard above head near the heating duct. This would later translate to quick footsteps when audio was played back.  The team then conducted EVP sessions in the women's restroom.  We all reacted to the sound of something dragging on the sink counter; this was caught on audio from the video camera.  The sensation of hair being touched and the sight of a black mass was also experienced during this time.

A total of three black masses were seen during the investigation.  The first was a ball of light, or an orb, near the main bar, and the other was a black shadow that moved from the main bar to the front door. The third was the black mass in the ladies room.  This was the same area where a worker had also seen a black shadow move. The end of the investigation grew closer but the activity was just beginning to peak. Near the main bar area, while sitting by the fireplace, everyone heard a female voice come from the bar. The voice was distinctively a woman. After the voice dishes could be heard moving from the kitchen, we were all on high alert at this point. Jon was looking towards the billiards bar when he called out that a shadow figure had moved from the bar area and out the front door.  All of these occurrences were documented either by video or audio. We also were able to document K2 hits as well as EMF, (Electro Magnetic Field Meter) spikes. 



    Based on the fact that each person involved in this investigation had personal experiences, and there was audible and visual evidence at Willie Boys we find this location to be HIGHLY ACTIVE. We will be going back again in February to conduct a follow up investigation.