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Since the early 90's Full Tech Paranormal has dedicated itself to investigating all claims of paranormal activity.  The team utilizes the latest technology to document potential activity as well as bring you peace of mind.  Our services extend beyond investigating and documenting potential paranormal activity.  We SPECIALIZE IN CLEANSING the premises, or person upon request. Our staff can also provide referrals to licensed counselors. Full Tech has over five decades of combined experience. Full Tech Paranormal can guarantee a professional and thorough experience.  Anonymity provided upon request. 

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New Case This Friday

    Full Tech Paranormal will be conducting an emergency investigation this Friday, January 10th.  The homeowners have been experiencing an aggressive presence that has them fear for their safety.  The homeowner has reported shadow figures, extreme feelings of dread and waking up being chocked by an unseen force.  Tune in to our twitter feed for live updates during our investigation and like always we will post any evidence we find in the coming weeks.  

New Case This Friday

Full Tech has finalized our next case which will be taking place this Friday the 9th.  The client has requested anonymity at this time so we can't reveal very many details around location, history, etc.  What we can reveal is that the case will be taking place in Hollywood, CA and that the client has had contact with full-bodied apparitions.  More info will we revealed after the case.  You can also follow our case live via Twitter HERE.  

New Case Announced

Full Tech is heading to Corona CA, The Circle City for our next case which takes case this Friday, July 20th.  Reports from the homeowners include unexplained noises, pictures coming off walls and a negative attitude toward a male visitor.  Stay tuned to our Twitter the night of the investigation for updates.  

Exciting New Case!

Introducing the location of our upcoming investigation: The Mendocino Hotel in Mendocino, CA.   to read about some background info on this small coastal town.  Also Click Here to visit the historic hotel’s website.  There have been reports many different types of activity at this historic place.  Scroll down to view an article with more info.  We will also be checking in periodically on our travel journal page so stay tuned!!