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Case 14-01: The Sounds of San Jacinto


Evidence Captured

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Date: Saturday, February 8th 2014

Location: San Jacinto, CA

Type: Residence 

Conclusion: Mildly Active



   Full Tech Paranormal began the new year by being contacted by a family who resides in San Jacinto, CA. The family reported many different paranormal experiences. The mother reported seeing apparitions throughout the house such as a woman wearing early 1900's period clothing staring down at her as she slept on the couch, a face appearing to her as she laid down for bed and figures walking in the hallway. The daughter reported hearing disembodied voices, strange behavior by pets and footsteps in the hallway. The interesting thing about the footsteps is she said she could hear pressure on the wood floor of the hallway like someone is walking, but couldn't pick up any clicking of heels or sole of a shoe.  

   Upon researching the house it was discovered that the home has been located in San Jacinto since the 1960's but the house was originally located in Redlands. The house was moved from Redlands to its current location in San Jacinto. The client also started remodeling slightly before the activity began. The house originally contained carpet throughout the living room, hallway and bedrooms but the client opted to change the floors to wood.  Paranormal activity would soon begin after the change. 


   On Friday February 8th, the team arrived in location. The team split into two groups: one group began setup of the DVR system and audio recorders while the other team took base readings of the house. The first group didn't experience any abnormal sensations or feelings during setup and the second group didn't capture any EMF readings out of the ordinary. 

   The team didn't have any personal experiences, feel any spiritual presences or witness any unusual activity. The phantom footsteps was experienced by the team but was quickly debunked. It seemed that when the cat would walk down the hallway creaking and cracking could be heard from the wooden floors, but footsteps could not be heard due to the fur on the cat's paws acting as a cushion. The weight of the cat would still cause the wood to creek under her paws.  

   EMF, ambient thermometers and voice recorders were used throughout the investigation. The EMF recorders and thermometers didn't read anything unusual during the investigation so the team's first thought was that either the spirits took a night off or the spirits are centered around the clients directly and not the house. The voice recorders painted a much different picture. 


   After reviewing the evidence the team captured a large amount of audio activity from all voice recorders. Many of the EVPs can be heard intelligently responding directly to what an investigator was saying or doing. There also seems to be different voices recorded from the investigation. 

   Along with the audio evidence a couple clips of light anomalies were also captured on the DVR.  Although these light anomalies aren't tied directly to spiritual activity it is interesting to note that these anomalies were captured in areas where activity was reported by the client. 

   "The Sounds of San Jacinto" is a very interesting case. Normally the team experiences a certain amount of personal activity during the investigation but the evidence captured doesn't measure up to the experiences felt. This case seems to be the opposite. There wasn't any experiences or feelings of being watched or a static charged atmosphere. However, the evidence captured points toward signs of paranormal activity in the home. Because of the evidence we have to conclude that the residence falls under potentially haunted and a followup investigation may be needed. 

A disembodied voice call out to the group.

A spirit directly responds to an investigator's question.

An entity recommends not to put a recorder in the hallway.

A spirit makes an indistinguishable noise.

An entity response directly to an investigators question.

An entity makes a comment during the silence.

A light anomaly passes from the table where a voice recorder is placed straight to an investigator's head.

A light anomaly pass from the corner of the room straight into the back bedrooms where activity has been reported by the client.