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Since the early 90's Full Tech Paranormal has dedicated itself to investigating all claims of paranormal activity.  The team utilizes the latest technology to document potential activity as well as bring you peace of mind.  Our services extend beyond investigating and documenting potential paranormal activity.  We SPECIALIZE IN CLEANSING the premises, or person upon request. Our staff can also provide referrals to licensed counselors. Full Tech has over five decades of combined experience. Full Tech Paranormal can guarantee a professional and thorough experience.  Anonymity provided upon request. 

Case 11-03: Bermuda Dunes

Date: Friday April 4th, 2011

Location: Bermuda Dunes, California

Type: Residence

Conclusion: Active


    On April 2nd 2011, Full Tech Paranormal  set up to investigate reports of activity at a residence in the community of Bermuda Dunes, CA. It was reported to us that activity was taking place at all hours of the day.

The Interview

   The reported disturbance as described by the tenant was a court jester looking entity that was about knee height.  The disturbance had not only been seen/felt  by the gentleman renting the house,  but his grand daughter's as well. The animals in the house appeared to be responding to the presence of some unseen force.  The tenant also recalled an incident were they where sleeping on the couch in a front room only to be awakened to the jester figure moving from the foot of the couch to above their head.  Shuffling through closets and bathroom lights turning on and off was also reported by the tenant. 

The Investigation

    Activity was being reported at all hours of the day so the team arrived in the early evening hours to begin the setup of equipment.  After walking through the residence we decided to focus on the master bedroom, the front room with the couch that the entity approached, the living area and the children’s bedroom.  We began the investigation with little daylight left outside.  There wasn’t much activity to report and the mood seemed normal until we began to photograph the living area.  At that moment the residence started to have a heavy feeling.  Small unidentifiable noises began to be heard.  We couldn’t definitively say the noises were related to paranormal activity so we continued the investigation. Later in the night our investigator Jeff started to feel the hairs on the back of his leg being pulled.  When we pointed our infrared camera toward his leg it revealed massive goosebumps.  Shortly after in the same room another investigator Jonas felt something pinch his arm.  Hours later investigators Jon and Jeff were in the master bedroom when the door was suddenly shut multiple times on it’s own.  This was documented with our infrared handheld camera.  After the door incident investigators Jonas and Michelle conducted an EVP session in the room where the entity approached the tenant on the couch.  Although no disembodied voices could be heard at the time shadows figures could be seen blocking out light cast from different sources.  Activity slowed down shortly after so the team wrapped the investigation.  


   After reviewing our evidence and discussing our personal experiences we concluded that there is some sort of paranormal activity at the residence.  The activity was very mild at times indicating it may revolve more around the tenant.  Be sure to review the evidence for yourself by CLICKING HERE and telling us what you think on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


Case 11-03: Bermuda Dunes The team gets a knocking from something after a request.

A door opens abruptly after an investigator asks for a sign of someone's presence.

Case 11-03: Bermuda Dunes An investigator gets a sensation of someone pulling their leg hairs and follows up with goosebumps. A surface temperature reading reveals a skin temperature of over 80 degrees.

Case 11-03: Bermuda Dunes A spirit calls something out as the team is conducting a sweep of the location.